Bringing Back Trust in Tech

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With all scandals damaging trust in digital platforms (like the Cambridge Analytica case) in the recent years, there are more and more efforts invested in “making the internet safe again”.

There is big trend emerging in Lausanne region, where worldwide famous tech school EPFL is located. This school, canton of Vaud and some other worldwide leading companies based in the region launched a Center for Digital Trust end of 2018.

Part of this program is the Tech4Trust startup acceleration program, lasting 4 months and leaded by EPFL Innovation Park.

Tech4Trust announced this 7th of October 2019 14 startups they selected for this acceleration program. Here they are!

  1. Access Informer: Access Informer is a simple yet powerful solution for companies to collect, analyze and monitor user authorizations across key systems, including SAP, Active Directory, SharePoint and network shares.
  2. CybrQ: CybrQ is a SaaS platform with self-service solutions ranging from Apps/Devices, Browsing, e-Mail, Authentication to Cyber Awareness.
  3. Decentriq: Decentriq is enabling businesses to identify analytics potential in datasets without having access to the data. We provide a privacy-preserving way of calculating the overlap between the desired characteristics of a dataset and the actual data.
  4. Ex0-SyS: Ex0-SyS develops Alph@TaV Vault, which protects your data by allowing you to encrypt all types of files and folders, offering you absolute protection against unauthorized access. It is intended for everyone and is, by nature, independent of any external control.
  5. Laava: Laava’s Smart Fingerprint™ is a better unique identifier combining authentication, consumer engagement, and supply chain functionality at a much lower cost than other solutions.
  6. MedCo: MedCo is the first operational system that makes sensitive medical data available for research in a simple, privacy-aware and secure way. It enables hundreds of clinical sites to collectively protect their data and to securely share them.
  7. Megaverse: Megaverse is developing adaptive learning in cyber awareness.
  8. NextDay.Vision: NextDay.Vision offers you to replace passwords by authenticating yourself in a simple, efficient and secure way on a multitude of services using a security key, your face or a phone.
  9. OneVisage: OneVisage proposes 3 software development kits that bring one or multiple concurrent factors, including 3D facial biometry (who I am), 3D graphical authentication (what I know) and Premier ID that mixes multiple factors.
  10. PRYV: PRYV is a compliance software for personal health data privacy and consent.
  11. Quantum Integrity: Quantum Integrity develops artificial intelligence for DeepFake detection.
  12. ScanTrust: ScanTrust provides a cloud-based, Internet-of-Packaging platform for product authentication and supply chain visibility.
  13. Teserakt: Teserakt develops software to enable strong encryption between industrial IoT systems.
  14. Veintree: Veintree extends portable QR and barcode readers with a “biometrical IR video reader” add-on, allowing anonymous and GDPR compliant registration of human venous networks (and human-centered actions).