The 77 Startups of SeedStars Summit 2019

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SeedStars Summit 2019, 77 Startups, Lausanne, EPFL

Discover the 77 startups who were selected for SeedStars Summit.

AgriTech We suggest investing not just in the basic need – in food. We suggest investing in health. Let’s make our future healthy & Organic together ! CEE, Ukraine
BandimOnline To reduce the loss of products from the producer to the customer, BandimOnline has been created to provide products on time with best prices. Africa, Guinea-Bissau
Panal Fresh Connecting farmers and suppliers to markets and customers using technology. LATAM, Bolivia
Rera online farm Rera is an online platform that provides an opportunity for retail consumers to farm their own poultry produce. Africa, Zimbabwe


Droople Droople enables water ecosystem stakeholders identify waste with active monitoring and insights in order to save water, energy and costs. Africa

Consumer & Business

Agam Security Agam Security is the first company to offer a fully automated incident detection and response solution for cyber-attacks across all vectors. Asia
APPTITE Apptite is transforming lives through gastronomy. Apptite is a marketplace and delivery service of homemade and hand-crafted food. LATAM, Brazil
Cowtribe Animal health delivered to the last mile farmer
There are more than 3 billion dollars loss worldwide every year because of deceases striking animals. We do have vaccines to remedy to that problem, but those can be difficult to acquire, specifically in rural areas. CowTribe, an AgriTech startup founded in 2016 in Ghana, Africa, has created a delivery platform that give access to farmers from rural areas to those vaccines. They can order them on the App, and then somebody from CowTribe’s team will deliver them directly. They are already well developed and have already helped more than 29’000 famers in rural areas. They are now looking at a $600’000 investment in order to keep growing.
Africa, Ghana
D’efekt D’efekt is a community powered content creation tool where users can create, collaborate and push the artistic boundaries. CEE, Armenia
EATLAB EATLAB is a deep-tech spin out that helps executives in food and beverage manufacturing business obtain true customer insights quantitatively. Asia, Thailand
erxes Inc erxes Inc is an open source growth marketing platform. CEE, Singapore
Express24 Express 24 is a food delivery service where our customers make orders via apps CEE, Uzbekistan
Foodmario Foodmario is a unique platform that connects home cooks with customers and delivers the cooks’ creations. We create home entrepreneurs. Asia, Nepal
GAUS ONE platform for ALL junior developers. CEE, Moldova
Getabed A shopify for independent hotels, we help them to sell without relying in 3rd parties paying high commissions. LATAM, Mexico
Joonaak Delivery Delivering convenience with joy to all businesses looking for complete last-mile solutions. Mainly operating delivery for e-commerce on Facebook, they also provide live tracking from their app, and became the first to market in Cambodia. Their business model consists of  a commission and subscription-based model. With already 150’000+ packages delivered, they plan on growing in other parts of Cambodia and are looking for $500’000 investment Asia, Cambodia
Kubinga Kubinga is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing service that empowers Angolans with the freedom of mobility. Africa, Angola
MyFoodness Leveraging mobile internet to help people fulfill everyday ordering needs in Southern Africa Africa, Botswana
Nasket Nasket provides easy access to excellent services that simply customer’s basic living needs with one little smart device. ASIA, Thailand
New Day (Neh Thit) New Day is the Myanmar’s first smartphone-centric low-income jobs platform, enabling easily accessible job-matching and skills-training. Asia, Myanmar
Noisypeak We’ve built most advanced video technologies and already had 20+ clients in CH and worldwide. Africa
Ombré – Lacuna Sdn Bhd A digital fashion advisor that gives outfit recommendations to users based on their physical traits using algorithms. Asia, Malaysia
Onbranch Onbranch is an accurate virtual projection of the real world-with real persons and venues inside. It is a useful tool for any type of venues. CEE, Azerbaijan
Optimalogistic Optimalogistic a real-time marketplace for logistics services mainly road Haulage and Heavy duty machinery rentals. MENA, Tunisia
Parkingkoi INC LTD Parkingkoi is a Parking sharing platform. It unlocked the hidden parking space in Dhaka and Connect parking seeker to Parking owners. Asia, Bangladesh
PT Expedito Global Indonesia Expedito has bridged 2000+ SMEs to ship their products to more than 75 countries by providing a cheaper and better cross-border shipping. Asia, Indonesia
REMA REMA, is a collaborative medicine service dedicated to African doctors. We connect African doctors, for better medical decisions. Africa, Benin
Smart Crowd Digital real estate investment platform allowing people to build a real estate portfolio by acquiring fractional assets. Making real estate investments accessible to anyone by breaking properties into small shares in which people can invest and receive revenue based on the proportion. Their platform gives a simple and fast process for investment, taking out the hassle of real estate investments. Their business model consists of a 4% transaction fee. They are currently looking for 2 million investment. MENA
STYX STYX is a tech-enabled logistic company that instantly connects shippers with carriers with our patent pending mobile app and SAAS platform. CEE, Georgia
Teliman Teliman is developing the next taxi-moto business model, by creating and supporting a network of top quality franchised professional drivers Africa, Mali
WebTotem LLP WebTotem is a SaaS which provides powerful tools for securing and monitoring your website in one place in easy and flexible way. CEE, Kazakhstan
WenaData WenaData is a very innovative integrated opinion platform. Africa, Mozambique
Whalebone, s.r.o. Being connected means almost being threatened. Let’s make internet safer place to be. CEE, Czech Republic
Wobot  The amount of data that a CCTV generates each second is immense, Wobot helps businesses make sense of this data. Using AI to make use of CCTV camera’s data for businesses. They want to build customer insights, and to allow businesses to take control of those insights. They are GDPR Compliant, which is they’re key differentiator. They have not specified how much investment they were looking for. Asia, India
Zumi ZUMI is reinventing e-commerce for Africa. Traditional e-commerce doesn’t work in Africa- ZUMI is bridging the gap between social & e-commerce. Africa, Nigeria
Liluna LILUNA is called the “BlaBla Car of Thailand” by some users as we are the fastest growing Car Pool app in Thailand, profitable in first year ASIA, Thailand
Matchmore Matchmore has the ambition to become the service of choice to develop context-aware/loT applications. Africa
One Watt OneWatt helps industrial users and plant managers increase the lifespan of their industrial assets, decrease electricity consumption, and improve the productivity of maintenance. Asia, Philippines
Stroma Vision Stroma understands driver/worker behavior, allowing them to make better decisions, improving comfort and safety. MENA, Turkey
Urban Point Urban Point connects customers and businesses through mobile based incentives and telco-powered marketing services. In the form of an App, they both promote businesses and allow customers to beneficiate from great value offers. The offers are currently based in Doha only.They are growing fast and just doubled their user base twice those last months and are about to double it next month. Urban point is currently looking to raise an investment of 2.5 million dollars. MENA, Qatar


Bora Digital Use digital marketing to empower young Africans. We train African talent in growth hacking and digital marketing and we provide them a job. Africa, Ivory Coast
Elham Education Inspire provides an educational environment that enhances the character of teens and raises their competency using technology based education. MENA, Lybia
Labes Key – Schoolap we have created to improve the quality of teaching via the internet by providing access to digital lessons. Africa, Congo
Okus The latest PISA results is a cry for help from all students in LATAM. Okus will convert this cry into love for mathematics. LATAM, Dominican Republic
StoryPal Technology has a hard time understanding children. we allow communication between children and technology Asia, China
YNMO YNMO allows service providers including schools, centers & clinics to design and monitor individualized treatment plans.
By providing an online platform, they allow those entities to design and monitor care and educational services for individual with special needs. They operate on a subscription-based model, and already have 503 beneficiaries. They are looking for $1.3 million investment to keep growing.
MENA, Saudi Arabia


BeneFactors Ltd BeneFactors is a Rwandan factoring firm offering unsecured working capital products, for increased SME resilience, growth and job creation. They allow suppliers to continue running their business without having to wait on an invoice to be paid by buyers. Their business model (in the form of transaction fees on the supplier side) allowed them to break even in 10 months. They are currently looking for a $850’000 investment. Africa, Rwanda
Diool Diool makes transactions simpler, using any payment method, online or at a shop nearby. Africa, Cameroon
DirectPay (Pvt) Ltd DirectPay allows customers to make payments within seconds by using their mobile device to do day-to-day transactions without a wallet. Asia, Sri Lanka
Fortesza A Crowdfactoring platform that connects SMEs in need of financing with investors all over the world. LATAM, Panama
Franc Group Hi, I’m Franc! I’m going to help you make smart financial decisions that grow your wealth. Africa, South Africa
Guruvest GURUVEST is a global investment platform focusing on impact investing. Asia
Hometuls Hometuls deliver game-changing financing and procurement services for SME’s through an easy to use digital platform. LATAM, Colombia
LENDIGO Nigerian SME lending platform providing easy, quick and SMEfriendly working capital without collateral. AFRICA, Nigeria
NALA NALA is a mobile money application that works offline, allowing users to easily access multiple mobile money wallets faster. Africa, Tanzania
Otbasy | Business Otbasy Business – online platform non-purpose short-term loans for small/family businesses. CEE, Kazakhstan  “We are here to change the way you choose health cover. Your best option is waiting for you one click away”
The health system is not transparent, and difficult to understand. QuePlan is building a platform acting as the middle man between customers and insurance companies, making everything easy to understand and to afford. They currently have contracts with 36 insurance companies and already have a $62’000 monthly revenue. They are looking for a $100’000 investment.
LATAM, Chile
QuickCheck QuickCheck is a mobile app providing microloans to Nigerian consumers in less than 5 minutes. AFRICA, Nigeria Rebaja is a financial advisor that helps you lower the payments you make for financial products.
Nowadays, getting a mortgage loan is very complicated and time consuming. On the bank side, they need new ways to communicate with clients. The company started in 2017, and allow people to make better mortgage loans decision by providing an easy to understand platform. Better credits for users, banks get clients, and the company then charges a commission to bank. They currently have a 180% growth rate, and are looking for a $500’000 investment.
Robu We are a financial decision-making platform for CEOs that require a better handle on their cashflow and performance. MENA, Jordan


7keema-nursing services 7Kemma is the first of its kind as on-demand home nursing services in Middle East. 7Keema could in a few months get high reputation MENA, Egypt
At Home Doc We bring doctors to your home, we deliver medication & arrange laboratory home services. We have seen 12’000 patients, growing 21 m-o-m. MENA, Qatar
Bluewave Insurance Agency Limited Bluewave is an insurance startup in Kenya that is creating innovative mass market, microinsurance products accessible via mobile devices. Insurances are expensive and currently difficult to get in Kenya, and Africa has a very low insurance penetration rate (3%). Bluewave developed a microinsurance platform that is easy to afford and to understand, acting as the middle man between insurance companies and users.  They currently have 22’000 active users right now and are looking for $150’000 investment to keep growing. Africa, Kenya
Defter Sports Unleash your football player’s potential through simple, powerful and shareable analytics. LATAM, Costa Rica
Doctor Online “We provide immediate remote access to doctors via chat or videoconference through any device (Web, iOS, Android) for the insurance industry”.
Doctor Online provides a platform that connects patients and doctors (in the form of an online chat). They use a subscription model that is low-cost for people in Guatemala. By signing up insurance companies, they are insuring themselves 1’000 of patients at a time, and currently have more than 70 insurance companies subscribed to their platform. They are looking for a 4 million investment to keep growing.
LATAM, Guatemala
Inggez On demand fitness startup aimed to provide people with accessible fitness options in order to get them active for at least once a week. MENA, Palestine
Labayh Labayh is a mobile app for online psychological therapy by in-app messaging and in-app calling while users are anonymous. MENA, Saudi Arabia
lyeza Health South Africa We developed a uber type web platform for the delivery of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine to young women nationally Africa, South Africa
Medsaf Medsaf is the trusted medication platform for Africa. We connect pharmacies and hospitals with safe and cost-effective medications. AFRICA, Nigeria
Oxpecker Labs  We have developed the world’s first patent-pending, non-invasive sweat sensor that helps users to prevent dehydration and heat stroke. Asia, Hong Kong
P5M A social health initiative aiming to connect the three pillars of fitness (users, gyms, and trainers) to make a healthy lifestyle accessible. MENA, Kuwait
SmartPeep SmartPeep monitors patients and elderly people in ward with Alpowered cameras, enabling nurses to get notified for emergent situations. Asia, Singapore
Spike Diabetes Assistant  Spike monitors the patient’s daily behavior and jumps in automatically and proactively with insulin and food reminders on a situation basis. MENA, Lebanon
TALOV 470M deaf worldwide want to communicate with hearing people, but they have different languages. SpeakLiz is breaking that barrier forever. LATAM, Ecuador is a cloud-based, EMR & Clinic Management solution for small to medium-sized clinics that enables full digitization and automation. MENA, Bahrain
thuocsi is a B2B sourcing and distribution platform for pharmaceuticals in Vietnam for doctors, pharmacists, and hospitals Asia, Vietnam