The 10 Health and InsurTech Startups of InnoPeaks 1.0

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For the second time in the week, I’ve been attending startup pitches… which did not happen for me for a very, very long time, as you may have noticed ;-)!

Friday 15th of March was the day selected by InnoPeaks to present its first batch of health tech an insurtech startups, in Sion. Powered by the insurance company Groupe Mutuel and Fusion, this 3 months program intents to accelerate startups from wonderful canton of Valais. It remembered me the initial days of Fusion, where I acted as Program Director (or MVP builder, how you want to name it ;-)!), without all the stress of setting up a Demo Day…

Nicolas Loeillot, Chief Innovation Officer of Groupe Mutuel, talked about how the Group Mutuel liner is finally moving towards innovation. They want to become a “LifeTime Partner” for patients, and no more just a “pain” (invoices to pay, getting in touch only when you’re injured or so…). Nicolas shown an interesting wheel scheme, disclosing their strategy:

LifeTime Partner wheel, Groupe Mutuel, Nicolas Loeillot, InnoPeaks, Sion

But here is finally what you’re looking for, the list of the 10 startups ;-):

  1. advAIsor: making corporate culture measurable (see the one pager)
  2. AQrion Medical: advanced navigation systems for spinal surgery (see the one pager)
  3. Czam: digital assets and smart tokens with blockchain
  4. Emotion Research Lab: measuring emotions to enhance your understanding of people
  5. Helpper: online meeting place to connect elderly and people with a disability or a chronic disease, with neighbours who want to assist them in daily tasks (see the one pager)
  6. Medicus AI: AI-based platform interpreting and converting medical reports and health data into an interactive, personalized experience with easy-to-understand explanations, insights and continuous health coaching (see the one pager)
  7. Mendability: new therapy model for families living with neurological disorders like autism and Alzheimer (see the one pager)
  8. Popit: enabling effective medication tracking, so patients never forget anymore to take their pills (see the one pager)
  9. Swiss Vault: environmentally sustainable solutions reduce electronic waste and make it easier for organizations to manage their data assets securely (see the one pager)
  10. Tribe Wearables: fitness app analysing what is happening inside your body, and muscles, to assess your current condition, your technique, and your performance during each exercise, to give the best coaching feedback possible

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