Fabrice Delaye, 50 startups in which to invest in 2019 Bilan

The 50 Swiss Startups in Which to Invest in 2019

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This Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend (again!) the event organised by the Swiss economic magazine Bilan in Lausanne. For the 7th consecutive year, Bilan selected 50 Swiss startups in which to invest. More than 145 startups applied (all applying for the first time) and a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors was mandated to review the applications and selects its favorites.

Fabrice Delaye, the well-known tech journalist of Bilan, who is also the initiator of this competition, made a particularly interesting introduction regarding the average return for Venture Capital: from 2008, Venture Capital provided an average 35% return per year, compared to the  22% of private equity (where everybody in the finance world want to go) or the  16% for real estate sector. Fabrice concluded that it’s not only fun to invest in startups: you simply cannot neglect startup investments if you’d like to generate great returns!

Alongside panel discussions and talks about startup investment landscape, which has evolved a lot in the past 5-7 years. But one main take-away, which was repeated several times by panel participants was that if you have to chose between the network (that investor claims to bring you) and the money… take the money! Something that I totally agree… money is the one thing that will help you survive and move forward!

Finally, a dozen startups had the opportunity to pitch the audience on stage. You’ll find the complete list of these “50 startups in which to invest in 2019” hereafter… with the amount they are raising and spread among the different categories (Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Clean Tech, Connected Health, Drones, E-Commerce, EdTech, Fintech, Imagery, Industrie 4.0, Logistics, Medtech and Wearables). If you want some money to invest, you should find what you are looking for ;-)!

Artificial Intelligence

Name Description Financing round (amount)
CrowdAI CrowdAI transforms images coming from satellites into meaningful insights CHF 2’000’000
DeepCode Code review (software development) via Artificial Intelligence (AI) CHF 4’800’000
Exeon Analytics Cyber security company specialized in detecting hidden data breaches and advanced cyber attacks CHF 3’000’000
Largofilms Data-driven movie-making solution, which can be introduced much earlier in the life of a film project, right from script choice and development, through filming, post-production and theatrical release CHF 750’000
Legartis Convenient and efficient legal document analysis (as a service) CHF 7’000’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
Araris  Enabling the development of next-generation ADC (Antibody-Drug Conjugates)-based safe and potent drugs for various diseases and ailments CHF 2’500’000
limula Biotech Automated manufacturing, from a patient white blood cell sample, genetically engineered cells at its bedside CHF 500’000
T3 Pharmaceuticals  Developing the next generation bacterial cancer therapy CHF 20’000’000
Tolremo Therapeutics Preventing resistance to cancer therapy CHF 20’000’000

Clean Tech

Name Description Financing round (amount)
AgroSustain Efficient, cost-effective, organic treatment against molds to reduce wasted fruits, berries and vegetables CHF 2’000’000
bloom Replacing everything made from petroleum with biomass CHF 2’000’000
GridSteer Providing autopilot system for electric grids CHF 500’000
hiLyte Power Providing cheap clean energy for people who still use kerosene for lighting, with an ecological battery with non-toxic, renewable consumables. CHF 600’000
Zaphiro Real-time monitoring of electrical systems CHF 1’500’000

Connected Health

Name Description Financing round (amount)
be.care Enabling the largest number of people to make informed decisions about their health and well-being while reducing overall healthcare costs. CHF 3’000’000
DigiPharm Blockchain-powered platform for value-based  payments in healthcare (meaning that cost of treatment/services is based on performance and patient benefits) CHF 5’000’000
GenomSys   Efficient compression, storage, transport and manipulation of genomic data CHF 25’000’000
Online Doctor Quick and cost-effective specialist assessment of your skin problem CHF 2’400’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
Auterion  Building the open source infrastructure for autonomous robots /  drones CHF 30’000’000
Clear Space Keeping space clean to make sustainable growth possible CHF 1’500’000
Dufour Aerospace Advanced electric aircraft, fastening end-to-end transportation at the same cost per kilometer as a car CHF 10’000’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
Mondays  Period subscription service with plastic free products CHF 3’000’000
PrivateDeal Smart negotiation platform for hotels, to know the price guests are ready to pay CHF 1’100’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
Mobsya Education-focused robots and  softwares to discover digital technologies and sciences CHF 500’000
UbiSim Virtual Reality training for nurses CHF 300’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
ALTOO Empowering wealthy individuals and their families to consolidate and interact with their total wealth in a simple and intuitive way. CHF 4’000’000
Commochain  Communication platform for commodities trading operations CHF 1’500’000
DynaMetrics Automated Credit Scoring tool helping Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Underwriters and Risk Managers. CHF 1’300’000
loanboox. Independent money- and capital market platform for public-sector and large corporations, institutional investors and banks CHF 50’000’000
Sustema Transforming publicly available data into improved underwriting results for commercial insurers CHF 1’500’000
Wealth Initiative Platform for wealth management institutions to share a network of deals on behalf of their High Net Worth clients in the fields of Real Estate, Art, Passion Investments and Business Deals CHF 1’000’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
Astrivis Capturing the world in 3D with your mobile device anywhere – anytime – in real-time CHF 1’000’000
DotPhoton Raw image compression for machine vision and AI with no quality compromise CHF 2’400’000
Fixposition Providing high precision self-localization of any object in all outdoor environments CHF 1’500’000
iniVation Bio-inspired vision for machines CHF 4’000’000

Industrie 4.0

Name Description Financing round (amount)
SY&SE Assembling glasses and ceramics to metals CHF 600’000
Touchless Automation  Manipulating and assembling solutions that would unlock the future of micro-assembly CHF 1’500’000
V-Labs Augmented reality for excavation works CHF 500’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
kemiex Trading platform to buy and sell APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), vitamins and other food/feed additives CHF 2’000’000
LuckaBox On-demand delivery platform CHF 5’000’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
Artiria Medical Empowering catheters and guidewires, by developing cutting edge technologies to bring micromotion deep in the brain arteries, enabling a seamless navigation and stroke treatment CHF 3’200’000
Aspivix New generation of surgical instrument for gentler and more modern gynecological procedures CHF 3’000’000
MotionTech Democratising the usage of tailored orthopaedic devices through novel 3D printing technologies CHF 800’000
Positrigo Tomography scanners to discover Alzheimer diseases early CHF 4’000’000
Pregnolia Detecting the risk for premature birth CHF 10’000’000
Resistell Saving lives by finding the right antibiotic on time and reduce spreading of antibiotic resistance CHF 4’000’000


Name Description Financing round (amount)
Volumina Medical  Regenerative implants to treat volumina  defects (in quick and easy implementation procedures) CHF 10’000’000
IDUN Technologies Comfortable and highly qualitative wearables CHF 3’000’000
Netsensing Technology Democratising sleep apnea detection via a miniaturized belt CHF 1’500’000
Snowcookies Helping you to become a better skier via werable cookies CHF 5’000’000