5 Startup Events to Attend in September

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Summer is slowly coming to an end and it’s time for startup events to pop up everywhere again… The less I can say is that there are many, many events happening everywhere in Europe. It’s absolutely amazing to see the development and growth of the European and Swiss startup scene over the last 8 years. Now, even in Switzerland (which is still not seen as a relevant startup hotspot), you could attend an interesting event almost every day. Of course, that’s a big trap for first time entrepreneurs (and for everybody trying to grow a startup). You have to select carefully what is truly relevant for your startup, where you’ll be meeting either potential investors or customers (hum… you mostly do not find your customers at startup events!). Or where you’ll be learning a lot. Hereafter, I’ll present you a …

Fintech Infographic: The Current State of Fintech

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At this period of the year, as always, I should normally be telling you to slow down and relax… (yes, you need to take some vacations!). What I will do on my side. But if you already had their holidays or have them later in the Summer, or if staying on the beach is boring for you, you may want to discover this interesting infographic made by Robert Hendriks, of DealSunny. And if nothing of this above is accurate for you, take some time once you’re back to discover this fintech infographic anyway! As most of the time, Switzerland is not really considered in it. Except that Fintech FUSION is mentioned, to my great pleasure! Enjoy Summer time!

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Discover the « Startup Nation »

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Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big fan of building bridges… For instance, between Swiss startup scene and the most advanced European startups hubs like London or Berlin. Even after the Brexit dramatic vote (for the London startup scene), I still believe that Swiss startups should still think about going UK. But we will see what happens in the coming weeks (at best) or months/years, which would be the worst thing ever: uncertainty is always bad for business! As an entrepreneur, you have already ways too much uncertainty without caring about uncertainty in regulation and international trade agreements. For startups wanting to conquer the world, the most important thing is to be able to scale as efficiently as possible. And hiring the talents they need. For this, Switzerland is not bad… regulatory changes are very slow and …

Why You Need to Know Media4Equity for Your Startup Growth

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This is a guest post by David Hug, a Zürich-based professional startup investor, currently acting as  Managing Director at Ringier Digital Ventures. Innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital are almost synonyms of the Silicon Valley. Over the last years, this way of thinking is gaining more and more attention in Europe. Not only famous examples from the West Coast like Facebook, Twitter and Uber started dominating our life. Also European start-ups like Spotify, Zalando or Skype changed our habits. Especially Zalando, which has chosen a new way of aggressive TV marketing to gain our attention. Most of us asked ourselves, how can a new venture finance such an aggressive marketing campaign? The solution used by Zalando to invade TV screens? Media for equity (M4E)! You may have never heard of it, and this post you’ll get more familiar with this interesting …

24 Hints to Build A Lean Startup

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Monday this week, I was organizing a meetup in my home city, Biel/Bienne. We had the pleasure of welcoming Dorian Selz, a very smart and serial Swiss entrepreneur (Local.ch, Memonic and Squirro). I asked Dorian to present us his hints on how to build a startup. Dorian shared his entrepreneurial journey, from becoming partner at Namics, then being recruited to launch Local.ch to his present company, Squirro. He explained the concept of freemium and its major hurdle when you build a startup: freemium means that only a small portion of users subsidize the other ones, who get “free lunches”! Internet entrepreneurs are aware of the model, but how Dorian made the concept comprehensible to the audience of non geeks was just… awesome! Dorian then explained his point of view on the challenges of being an entrepreneur in Switzerland. After building …

How To Learn About UX in Switzerland?

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If you’d like to launch a new business, you may think about the optimal combination of founders. And how many is too many? And what skills do you need in your team? Many people find extremely hard to find cofounders, especially technical ones (who has never heard the following complaint: “I cannot find a technical co-founder”?). Fortunately, nowadays, there are many possibilities in Switzerland to find software developers who may want to join a startups: Startup Weekend, hackathons (the biggest one in Europe happens in September) or even dedicated platforms like cofoundme or startup portals like f6s. But the biggest hurdle to convince a software developer (or, more realistically, everyone who has entrepreneurial spirit) to join your startup is the lack of money. Why would I work for free for your project without getting paid as I can get a …

The Zurich (Swiss) Startup Paradox

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Switzerland is a beautiful country to work and to live. Low unemployment rate and good salaries, a very stable politic system, data privacy, beautiful landscapes, a precise and working transportation system, a place in Central Europe and very good international flights connections. Swiss people are also among the happiest people in the world (see here). Switzerland is even one of the most innovative countries in the world (mostly due to all patents submitted by pharmaceutical giants). But who speaks about Switzerland as a Startup Hub when thinking about digital? Nobody… at least on an international level. Even though the local startup scene is very lively and spread across the whole country (compared to other countries in Europe, you can find startups almost everywhere in Switzerland!). If the “events” metric is a valid measure, then Switzerland has no problem on the …

Happy Easter Fintech Egg Hunt!

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It’s almost already Easter… and a long weekend to relax and maybe do some Easter Egg Hunts? Next Thursday, a big fintech event is happening in Zürich: The Fintech 2016 Conference. A wide panel of fintech experts, financial executives and investors will present and debate about innovation in the financial industry. From banking innovation to blockchain, from learnings out of the Silicon Valley to a debate on how to accelerate innovation, there will be a lot of knowledge to collect during this day. You can buy your ticket here (yes, it’s quite expensive…). Strangely, the conference will be a mix between English and German. My 2 cents: why cannot we just do tech conferences in English in Switzerland? Even if it’s not a problem for me (I speak German), I think it’s a missed opportunity to attract more people from …