2 Interesting (Swiss) Startup Awards

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In Switzerland, there is a common joke that there are more events and awards than… startups! Of course, it is not true. But there are many, many startup awards and competitions. Most of them (if you win) give you some « free » press coverage (if you consider the time wasted in applying, it is not completely free) and the most interesting ones provide you cash money. As an entrepreneur, I think they are the only ones really worth applying (I’m not speaking about applications to pitch to events, this is different)!
Startup awards are compelling because it sounds as free financing for your startup. You normally don’t have to share equities with the award organizer. Yes, it a great idea to apply. But you also have to consider the chance of winning (as you would do with every kind of deals you’re trying to close). Because it’s time intensive. Especially if you have to (re-)write your Business Plan (which is a necessary step in your entrepreneurial journey, but also a document getting outdated as soon as… you’ve finalized it!).
Experience also shows that (few) winners takes them all (for instance, some years ago, medtech startup Abionic won almost every price awarded during 2 years).

This month, two startup competitions are especially worth considering: The UBS Future of Finance Challenge and the De Vigier Award.

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge







The UBS Future of Finance Challenge is for (fintech) startups transforming the banking industry.

UBS is looking for early stage fintech companies (<5years old, <3M turnover) disrupting the finance industry or at least, changing how banks fill the needs of their customers. Applying startups should have Minimum Viable Product, or at least an innovative/ disruptive technology that can be applied to banking/ finance.
There are interesting cash prizes (1st/2nd/3rd prize of US$50,000/20’000/10’000), and is providing also some dedicated coaching and mentoring (across the world). And finally, startups get a chance to further commercialize and scale their project with help from UBS resources and support.
The global finals will take place in Zurich in December 2015.






Logo UBSApply until September 23rd


De Vigier Award





The WA de Vigier Foundation (on of the oldest one awarding startups in Switzerland) is calling for projects until 30th of September. 5 winners will receive CHF 100’000 (in… June 2016 – so an eternity in startup’ daily life).

The main criteria for an award-worthy project are innovative character, societal importance, technical and financial feasibility, and market potential. In addition, the foundation takes a stake with an additional CHF10,000 in the company (max 10%).




De VigierApply until September 30th