7 tips for a successful social media campaign

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Last week was LeWeb conference happening in Paris. Again, a lot of interesting talks and amazing people to meet during these 3 crazy busy days.

Alexis Thobellem, Global Digital Manager at Evian and one of the guy involved in the amazing “Roller Babies” video clip success (60M + views by now), gave a talk about Evian’s experience on brand curation and editorialization of content to better engage its fans. At Evian, they started not by the question “what can do web & social media for the brand?”, but by what their brand could do for the web!

I’ve found some offline content about Alexis’ beliefs on what are the key indispensable factors to run a successful corporate social media marketing campaign and I thought it was worth sharing. So here they are!

  1. Be sure you have something to gain by jumping into social media arena and remember that “Darwin is the king in this arena” (featuring @Brian Solis).
  2. Make an exhaustive social map of your brand, your product category & your targets. Choses the platform where to deploy your presence.
  3. Don’t buy fans or followers. Tell the world you exist and be interesting (or at least, try to). Fans and followers will come if you do it right.
  4. Even if you need to adapt over time, you have to stay true with the soul of your brand.  Don’t concede to absolute & immediate popularity. Trying to humanize your brand doesn’t mean you must make your talk like a teenager.
  5. Try to mix pure brand original content and curated content, especially what has been created for you by your fans.
  6. Be clear about the goal of your campaign: recruitment or animation of your base?Brand or product awareness? Quick engagement or extended experience?
  7. Make use of the real-time measurement allowed by social media analytics. Don’t hesitate to change the course of your campaign based on data obtained.