8 web startup unveiling the Blue Lion Incubator in Zürich

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Monday was time for the 6th ICT Investor Day, organized by Business Angel Switzerland‘s president Jan Fülscher. The concept is rather interesting: 8 startup pitch their idea in 90 seconds (with or without slides), and investor’s crew then select the 4 ones they’d like to see in 7 minutes presentation.

Host of the event was this one the brand new startup incubator Blue Lion, which focus on ICT and clean tech. Tthe infrastructure of this coworking place seems really adequate, with a big open space of 36 desks and around 10 separated offices. The park has already tenants, but is far away from beeing complete. Normal, it’s just the beginning! Everything seems perfect… except if you’re coming from outside Zürich by train… you need more than 30 minutes.

But come back to what you’d like to learn about: the startups! To keep a bit of suspense, let’s start with the 4 ones who were not selected for the long presentation:

  1. baucloud.ch is a complete cloud-computing based project management application (with e-shop, etc.) and marketplace for the construction segment.
  2. Dynamic Devices is providing an interactive and realistic biomechanical simulator for horseback riding
  3. exerdeal want to develop an online money machine. What it is and how remains to be explained…
  4. JANZZ.com provides an online job platform as its first product, but has semantic based technologies for every kind of matching.

And here are the 4 companies who were selected to the next stage:

  1. Gonnado agregates leisures offers with personalized recommendations and allow you to plan your activities. On facebook you were telling what you’ve done yesterday, on twitter what you’re doing now. O Gonnado, you’re telling what you’ll do tomorrow.
  2. MySollars provides an innovative and meaningful loyalty marketing solution for companies. Rather than buying adds to claim their corporate responsibility, companies and brands will now be able to really act against climate change by sponsoring CO2 offsetting from their customer. As I’ve already blogged about this company, you can find the article here.
  3. semedy is in the core of a new generation knowledge-based clinical decision support systems. Semedy’s application is an intelligent decision support system combining real-time use of patient data and automatically executable medical knowledge.
  4. Spocal offers a mobile application that enables like-minded TV viewers to connect with each other. The startup addresses the problem that TV viewers have no way to share and connect. Rather than inviting all of your friends, you now will be able to bring themin your living room… virtually.

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