Discover 17 venture leaders, who build cutting-edge startups!

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Tuesday afternoon has seen the first public appearance of the “Swiss Startup nationa team”, selected by the Switzerland-wide entrepreneurship education program venturelab. These 20 founders will travel to Boston early June and have the chance to present to US VC’s, meet US startups and many more other cool stuff.

Here they are:

Staff finderSTAFF FINDER is a startup dedicated to smooth the peaks and downs for Human Resources needs. It represents a “just-in-time” gap management solution for HR.

OsmoBlue Energy provides a solution to transform low heat (<100° Celsius) into electricity, thanks a patented technology. Elodie Dahan, the founder, has been nominated captain of the team and was also granted the newly launched « Helbling innogrant award ».


Swissto12 is supplying components and systems for terahertz signal transmission.

SoSense SoSense is an online market place  to match philantropy and entrepreneurship, selecting quality proven social entrepreneurs with sustainable impact.

InductWarmInductWarm develops an electronic controlled warmkeeper for catering industry, combining aesthetics, convenience and the energy efficiency.

DidthisDiDThis, already featured on this blog in January,  is the web place to discover interesting things or actions to do…

NewscronNewscron agregates local news with a semantic core, organized into stories. Available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Light Efficient SystemsLESS (Light Efficient Systems) is replacing the LEDs present in all digital screens, reducing energy consumption thanks to a single nanostructured fiber.

FaceshiftFaceshift captures emotions and transfers it in real-time in your avatar in online games. Now you really can be your avatar!

AgilentiaAgilentia develops online solutions for Board of Directors meetings and General Assembly (do it online).

MabimmuneMabimmune is preventing heart attack and stroke through an early diagnosis and targeted treatment.

Vector Life Sciences is developing several therapies in the oncology sector

Biotechnostics develops a platform enabling simultaneous analysis of thousands of genetic biomarkers for therapeutic diagnosis, making personalized medicine a reality (We are all the same, except we are different”).

SamanTree Technologies wants to detect cancer early and to cut the number of deaths up to ten folds. The startup develops a miniaturized microscope that can be embedded in endoscopes.

KN MedicalKB Medical’s value proposition is a robotic system for spine surgery, which eliminates the danger of accidents thanks to a precise implanting guiding system.

Transcure TransCure Biosciences develops a radical cure of HIV, which should allow to rebuild the immune system of a mouse, and on its way to bring this to humans.

AmpardAmpard is developing a distributed storage solution (for electricity) by improving capacity allocation.

Congratulations to all teams and wishing them all success for the coming months!