Happy 2015!

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End of 2014, I’ve finally succeeded in really taking a break… Not that I’ve not checked my emails or responded to some urgent inquiries (very rare, fortunately). It’s normal I think, you cannot completely disconnect as an entrepreneur. By the way, I remember the quote of Patrick Delarive, a successful real estate entrepreneur based in Lausanne:

“The best gift you could make an entrepreneur is to switch off for a while”.

But everybody needs a break. Otherwise, you’ll start to think you’re super human (what we all think we are), what you are obviously not. And it can be a real danger, for your health and also for your startup. So, I definitely hope that you’ve taken a bit of time to relax, to spend time with family and friends, and to party of course!

The best athletes know that they need to recover after peak performance. I think we as entrepreneurs have to inspire ourselves by sportsmen/-women. And that we are in a much better position to support the huge work overload of startup life if we keep praticing sports.

Even as busy as I am, I keep playing ice hockey. Twice a week. And it’s just pure magic! When you play, your brain is becoming empty. You leave your thoughts and worries in the cloakroom and focus on the game. Then when you come back to startup life, you have some distance and are mentally reloaded (even if tired!).

All this to say that all of us will probably be facing a lot of challenges in 2015. A lot of DOWN’s, probably less UP’s. And that we better should be prepared, physically and mentally, support it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and all my wishes of success (and health) to every reader of this blog!