Hardworking sunny holidays

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It’s soon time to Summer holidays. 6 weeks from now and most people will be in vacation. Yes, in Switzerland, between mid-July and mid-August, it’s extremely hard to reach people, have answers, well, make business.

If you read this blog, odds are high you’re in a startup business. And there is a common (but so wrong) belief that entrepreneur should never stop working hard. Sure, you can have the feeling that if you take some free time, your business will be hurt hard, or even in danger. Yes, it can be true. But everyone, even the craziest and most resistant hardworkers, needs a bit of downtime. Or different time…


If you’ve not planned anything and were planning to continue hardworking, you may consider SunnyStartup, a 15 days bootcamp in Marrakech (!) to boost your project. Or have new ideas. Or simply to learn lot of things.

Surrounded by IT, design, communication and marketing professionals, among other one by the famous Bill Carney (entrepreneur, marketing guru and Professor at IMD for instance), you’ll be able to define your own working schedule. The only fix sessions will be the standup meeting and the – exclusive – business development and marketing workshop given by Bill at 18:00. In between, you will have the possibility to discover Marrakech and its surroundings, ignite the dance floor late at night (holiday time!) with other entrepreneurs, but also work on your project… in the swimming pool?


Only 16 places are available, so don’t hesitate too much before registering. Bootcamp is available at discounted price of CHF 2’000.- (or EUR 1’600.-) for 2 weeks, all inclusive (food, drinks, visits, etc.), until Saturday 15th, at 12 am (extended discount period until June, 30th, only for startupolic readers).

UPDATE: I’ve just been able to negotiate an additional discount (CHF 250.-) for you, my dear readers! Register with the discount code startupolicrocks (NB: discount name chosen by the Crazy Brainstormers, not by me!) to book your stay for CHF 1’750.-! Hurry up!

The only additional thing you have to worry about is your flight… the great news is that Easyjet stops at Marrakech.

This initiative has been recently launched by a crazy Geneva-based team: Mazala, Alexis and Othman. Yes, the guys behind Crazy Brainstorm (a creative agency to generate innovative ideas through brain storming sessions) and Startup Weekend in Western Switzerland.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the sun, educate yourself and boost your project!