Let’s save the Erasmus exchange program!

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You’ve probably heard about the voting in Switzerland on February 9th (otherwise, read my post here). One of the first negative effect of this decision taken by a tiny majority of Swiss citizen is the freezing by European Union of the Erasmus student exchange program.


It’s a really bad news for Swiss students. I was an Erasmus student in 2004-2005, and I can only give evidence of the benefit of such programs that allow Swiss students go abroad for one or two semester to continue or terminate their studies. It gives an affordable access to top universities and courses not available in Switzerland, helps to learn and practice a language as well as offering an international perspective. For most students, it’s a unique way of opening their views to the world and to Switzerland, by experiencing something different. IMHO, it can only benefit to Switzerland to having people go abroad, learn how it works there and potentially bring back great ideas.

A petition has been started online not long ago, to request from Swiss government the right to access to Erasmus program. I strongly encourage you to sign it and to share it to everyone you know:


It’s important. And it needs to be done quickly. Even if you have no time (like most entrepreneurs)… it takes 1minute! Come on!