One week left to Next Berlin!

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We are getting closer to NEXT Berlin, happening next Tuesday & Wednesday.

Program of the conference has just been released (discover it) and… it looks really exciting! For keynotes to workshops, actionable content and advices are key. The only problem I see: I cannot duplicate myself!

The conference has now selected the NEXT100 Top Influencers of the Digital Industry in 2013 (remember my post back in February). Two Swiss entrepreneurs have make it, even in the Top40!


Samuel Müller, founder of mobile barcode scanning company Scandit.


Dominik Grolimund, serial entrepreneur who has, to date, already founded and sold 2 startups: Wuala and Silp.

Big applause to Samuel and Dominik, who deserve it! I’m happy to have suggested and registered these 2 smart guys to NEXT100. If you have once the opportunity to grab a coffee with them… seize it, you won’t be disappointed! Switzerland needs more guys like them (we have a couple dozen other ones, but we never have enough smart guys!).

NEXT Berlin also released the 12 selected startups for its competition. Unfortunately, no one of the three registered Swiss startups (, Rightclearing, Faveeo) made it.

Anyway, discover these startups, who come from all over Europe (Germany: 3, Austria: 2, Italy: 2, Portugal: 2, UK: 1, France: 1 and Sweden: 1).

  1. Geddit connects every student in the classroom to their teacher. The times when shy students were overlooked are over. Geddit lets students show their teachers how confident they are with what they’re being taught by tapping the ‘signal bars’ on their device. Teachers get an overview of their whole class at a glance, and can help any struggling students.
  2. UnlockYourBrain uses the screen lock to facilitate learning in an effortless way. The app improves your logical thinking skills every time you unlock your smartphone with a little maths or logic puzzle, or gives vocabulary or language training.
  3. apiOmatsimplifies app development processes. Their Backend as a Service (BaaS) offers a complete software stack including a scalable hosting solution. It is a resourceful productivity tool for everybody who intends to develop a mobile app or website.
  4. LineMetrics is essentially Google Analytics for production lines. It is a flexible tool which enables manufacturing companies real-time monitoring of machines and analysis of production environments.
  5. visalyze turns social media data into an interactive and playful visual story. The visual patterns generated by visalyze enable users to recognise, at a glance, which of their social media activities on Facebook or Twitter are flourishing and where crises are looming.
  6. Glitteris an app designed to revolutionize how casting agencies, producers and clients work together. It is an online plattform that enables them to manage castings, proposals and selections quickly and easily in one centralised location: the cloud.
  7. bewarket has created a marketplace for Facebook. So far, over 25,000 users have registered to offer their products – old and new – to their social network.
  8. Wanderiocompares flights, trains, ferries and ground transportation services, to let travelers choose and book the solution that suits them best, sorting alternatives by price, travel time, and CO2 emissions.
  9. Buzzoole is the first platform IEO (Influence Engine Optimisation). Through the platform, Buzzoole wants to help users optimise their online presence and engagement with their network to enable them become influential in subjects in which they have expertise.
  10. Glean is a mobile application that allows you to give and receive personal feedback anonymously within your social network. The app is integrated in the user’s social media like Facebook and LinkedIn and enables him/her to give instant feedback on the way. Glean also provides a B2C as well as a B2B version.
  11. Prizgo provides a white label social loyalty plugin for online retailers. The idea combines a social rewards program with analytics to enable retailers to boost customer engagement, retention and advocacy on their sites.
  12. Algolia (congrats to Nicolas!) is an easy-to-integrate powerful search technology, which enable developers to quickly deliver real time search inside their apps with instant visual feedback and typo-tolerance.

Finally… if you haven’t bought your ticket by now… register now and get a 10% discount off!