Save the planet! Now you really can make an impact…

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Carbon offsetting has become mainstream during the last few years. Nobody can argue that human beeing has not made a negative impact on the climate, shown up by all changes and natural catastrophes happening on an almost daily basis.

Citizen around the globe are joining force to fight this climate change, as politics mostly fail to find game-changing solutions. Every country argue (or argued, as it changes quickly?) that there are efforts to accomplish, but it would be better if that doesn’t impact our national economy with binding rules… What an hypocrisy!

In the last decade, mostly non-profit organisation have brought up some solutions to educate citizens on our impact on climate, and help people act on a voluntary basis… and at the lowest level. Who hasn’t heard about MyClimate in Switzerland (I don’t know how broadly the organization is known)? Thanks to its effort, everyone can donate a few money to offset a small percentage of its carbon emission, when booking its flight on Easyjet, for example. But what’s about compensating the CO2 emission of your normal daily life? Most people tell you they want to do something against climate change, but don’t know what exactly.

A new service called MySollars has recently launched to address this problem… and make the carbon compensating action a normal and regular action!

How it works?

  1. On MySollars, you first assess your MySollars CO2 compensation(basic, by now) monthly carbon footprint by choosing your location, your transport solution, the size of your household and your standard food habits. The application displays then your carbon footprint (more complete calculator will be developed in a second step);
  2. MySollars suggests the amount of Sollars (1 Sollar = 1kg CO2 emission reduction) you have to invest to be carbon neutral, which you can invest in a high quality and certified projects of your choice.
  3. By registering to MySollars, you create automatically your “green community” (called e-cloud): you can now invite your friends (with Facebook for instance) and suggest them to also become a green citizen. Each e-cloud is competing with the ones created by other users. MySollars will highlight the most climate-friendly users and e-cloud and reward them with more Sollars to invest.

Greatest advantages of the solution provided is that you now can really make an impact in a simple way and you know where you’re money is going (i.e. you’ve sponsored a biomass to energy in India).

World Climate Credit, the company behind the project, aims to bring the highest transparency in the growing voluntary carbon market.

The company also proposes a sponsoring concept for brands and companies who’d like to make something against climate change. Any brand can buy Sollars and distribute them to its employees and/or customers. Retailers could (should?) buy Sollars and use them in their loyalty program. For instance, Coop could send me some Sollars rather than Superpunkte I’ll never use. Or petrol shop stations could sponsor the compensation of my CO2 emission generated by my car…

MySollars is still in (an open) Beta phase and is looking for your feedback. Help them improve their application and contribute to their success: our kids deserve that we invest in a better and cleaner world!

You have no more excuse… ACT NOW!

By registering now, you’ll receive some free Sollars for your first carbon compensation action!