Seduce your customers… learn how!

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Customer Seduction

My fellow blogger Adelina Peltea, a young actor and supporter of the tech entrepreneurship in Europe, started some weeks ago a new book project: Customer Seduction. Based on more than 100 interviews of entrepreneurs, growth hackers and investors, the goal of the book is to provide first time founders (and also the others!) some practical customers development knowledge from people who have done it before.

Book will cover most of the aspects of customer development spirit: how to handle customer feedback, the iterative process until market-fit (when your product seems ready to be launched massively), when you should try to scale (raising money to attract users before having found market fit is dangerous… and often ends up to disastrous results), how to learn from your metrics and finally, how to build a strong team to boost your growth. Wisely mixing theory and experience of people, Customer seduction will officially be launched on 14th December 2012.

Adelina recognized that most of startup books are coming to us from USA…but we do have amazing tech entrepreneurs in Europe and in the other parts of the world, whose experience is at least equivalent. Maybe, the knowledge shared will be even better, given the cultural and legal diversity of all these regions!

More than 1/3 of the planned interviews are done, with famous startup veteran Felix Petersen (Amen) or the newcomer Fred Caballero, from entrepreneur-community oriented company StartupStay (on which I wrote some weeks ago). Adelina is open to any suggestion, so don’t hesitate to contact her if you think you have a good story to tell.

Lastly, Customer Seduction is a crowd-funded project that you can support here (and get the electronic version or even the hardcover, depending on your support level). What are you waiting for? Help her finalize the job and get your hardcover (OK, even at digital times, I still read on paper)!