Smooth scaling

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(Guest post by Shane Russo)

Starting and running a business is a great adventure; however, in order to succeed in the massive sea of competition, a business must be able to adapt to the constantly changing tides, particularly with scalability. If a business is unable to start strong, it is likely that they’ll run into some rough waters as they begin to expand.

As the market changes and evolves, so must a business. According to this infographic created by, startups who are willing to redesign are often able to raise 250% more money, as well as see a 360% increase in user growth. Not only that, but these more flexible startups are also 52% less likely to scale prematurely.

With these numbers in mind, it would appear that scalability is the essential cornerstone of your startup. With so many ways to reach consumers nowadays, it’s important to be where they are as well. Otherwise, your ship will soon be sinking. Ready to take the sails of your startup? Take a closer look at this infographic to learn just how important scalability is and find out just who is already successfully sailing the seas with their brand.

Shane Russo is an online writer who enjoys researching marketing techniques and business communications. He has an appreciation for technology, especially when it comes to applying it to business. On his blog, you can learn a lot more on how technology plays a crucial role in the expansion of business and communications.

Thank you Shane for this interesting infographic!