turned 4… today!

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First of all, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year (I think we can still say it until mid-January)! Hopefully, the Christmas break was the opportunity to relax (aka SLEEP!), spend time with family & friends and refill the batteries!

Today is a very special day for me… Exactly 4 years ago, I wrote my first ever blog post. My initial idea was just to share knowledge and insights I was collecting in my startup journey. And get to know new people, connect them and bring my little contribution to the development of the Swiss startup scene.

I committed to blog at least once a week (I know: I was less regular these past few months ;-)!) and tried to go the lean way:

  1. Find a name that express my blog and myself (not simply my name!): startupolic was the right choice (I can say it 4 years later!).
  2. Ask a friend for a simple logo
  3. Select and set-up a simple, free tool (tumblr – which I used during 3 years, before going more professional => WordPress). And set-up the necessary analytics to see if what I wrote was interesting to somebody!
  4. Write my first post and publish it wherever I could.
  5. Track the analytics (discouraging at the beginning) and trying to understand the audience
  6. Respond to comments
  7. List ideas of future articles, find inspiration, learn from other bloggers (READ x READ x READ)
  8. Write articles persistently

Simply said: Build, Measure, Learn. And starting again!

Hereafter, you’ll find an exclusive infographic about 4 years of Don’t hesitate to give me your feedback!