The Startup Kids – a film that any wannabe founder should watch!

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In April 2011, I stumbled upon a film project published 5 days ago on Kickstarter by 2 Icelandic girls. A documentary on young entrepreneurs’ stories from around the globe. They were looking for $ 7’000.- to be able to shoot the film and publish it. If you know my passion for startups, you know that I needed to be in. So I backed the project with $15. Three weeks after, Sesselja and Vala had convinced a total of 364 backers for more than three times what they expected. What a great crowd-funding story!

I was excited to watch the documentary and was regularly asking the girls when it will be finished. Sesselja and Vala interviewed founders around the globe, like Drew Houston (Dropbox), Alexander Ljung (Soundcloud), Kristina Segerstrale (Playfish) VC Tim Draper, and many more. Finally, the film was made public at Reykjavik International Film Festival in September 2012. They did a roadshow to present the film, which wasn’t available online or in DVD form (yes, DVD’s are still used by many people). So how frustrating it was…

Only one screening was done in Switzerland until now, hosted by the dynamic team of DeinDeal, back in May 2013. After having been available per DVD, this interesting and well-done 56 minutes documentary is also available on iTunes for $9.99.

For wannabe founders or experienced ones, it is definitely a movie to watch. It shares insights and give a sense of the vibes of startup life. Fresh, dynamic, motivating… All guys, even the ones who failed (yes, that happens… so often that we really have to demystify failure as much as possible!), are so convincing that you just want to start your own company after the film (if you haven’t done it yet).

I was thinking about organizing a Startup Kids screenings roadshow earlier this year. But for time reasons (my own startup needs my time the most), I haven’t done it… yet. So I’m asking you: would you consider joining a screening of the film this Fall (and seize this opportunity to network with other like-minded people)? If yes, please express your interest here! And please share this post as much as possible!

If enough people express their interest for watching the film, I’ll contact Vala again to organize it. Please tell me what you think!