Unique (swiss) opportunity to pitch VC’s

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A wonderful opportunity for swiss tech startups will take place on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 in Lausanne: the Swiss Venture Forum (SVF)

The event will allow the most promising Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Communication Technology entrepreneurs from Switzerland to meet and pitch active international investors and corporations.

30-40 early stage companies from Switzerland will be selected to present at the Forum to the panel of international experts/investors who will asses them on the basis of their business potential, technology merit, competitive position, investment interest and team experience.

Furthermore, the best 10 companies of the SVF in Lausanne will be invited to attend the Annual European Finale in tech hotspot Berlin in December 2012 (150 investors + 150 companies, the largest VC event in Europe).

Event will take place close to the EPFL’s Innovation Square, at Starling Hotel, and is dedicated to Switzerland-based companies only. Targeted companies are startups looking for some fresh capital (that is: all swiss startup are directly concerned!) in a range of a Serie A (CHF 1-5 mios). Selected startup will receive a free pass for the conference, get a presentation Dry Run by experienced tech specialists on Tuesday afternoon and be able to book up to four 1to1 meetings.

Swiss Venture Forum is organized by Jean-Marc Soustre and his team at Europe Unlimited. Jean-Marc is a smart guy working on some solutions to solve the huge liquidity gap that almost every start-up experiences in Switzerland. Mr. Soustre is amazingly well connected in the Venture Capital world, literally knowing each one (and his brother!).

Registrations’ deadline for startups is 4th April 2012, so don’t wait to seize the opportunity… Register here!