Western Switzerland startup scene is lively – discover 8 ICT startups

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Even if we lack big successes (in term of exit size) in Switzerland, the startup scene is lively. And not only life sciences companies do perform well, but there are also a plenty of ICT startups that are worth discovering. ICT not only gather web or mobile, but also represent robotics. For the 3rd ICT Investors Day in Western Switzerland (happening on May 12th in Lausanne), we will have 8 startups (duly selected by a jury committee comprising Deep Parekh, Patrick Barbey, Philipp Steinberger, Pierre Bordry and Alexandre Peyraud) competing with an elevator pitch of 90 seconds to win a seat in the final, that is, presenting their concept longer. Who determines who will pitch longer? YOU, if you attend and register now! Indeed, that’s the audience who vote for its favorite startups.

I’ve changed the timing (long presentation are maximum 7 minutes, + 5 minutes Q&A), as the old format was certainly too long (10+10) and the audience was no more “on fire” for the last pitching company.

This time, the 8 selected startups are coming in majority from Lausanne (6/(!), with one startup from Biel/Bienne and one from Yverdon. Here they are!

  1. Kaddz / Attrackting, Biel/Bienne: attrackting develops an intelligent cat collar using mobile phone networks and GPS technology to track and record the activity of their pet
  2. Novertur International, Lausanne: B2B dating site for the internationalization of SMEs
  3. Hoskit Solutions, Lausanne: Reservation system “à la performance” individual hotel properties
  4. Flyability, Lausanne: development of a collision-resistant drone, allowing robots to enter place they have never been before
  5. Benti, Yverdon: innovative guitar synthesizer
  6. Unono, Lausanne: social place for students to be in touch with the life on campus
  7. Fastree 3D, Lausanne: development of the next generation of 3D vision for robotic and industry applications
  8. HGuitare, Lausanne: Online guitar learning platform

The event is open to anyone interested by ICT startups and will take place at Debiopharm Headquarters in Lausanne on May 12th 2014, at 17:00.

Deadline to register: Friday 9th of May 2014, at 17:00 

The national counsellor Fathi Derder will make us the honor of presenting the survey which resulted in the elaboration of a „Startup Manifesto“  and will express his vision of Switzerland as a „Startup Nation“.