What a wonderful year: my 2013 wrap-up!

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I know it’s a bit late, but I’d like to wish you all an amazing and successful year 2014!

2013 was great for me. After having spent years on the other side of startups (I was previously active as a startup mentor/coach/investor for a small technology park), I’ve started my new life as a real entrepreneur (and no more as a “wannabe entrepreneur”) over the course of Summer 2012. The least I can say is that I do not regret it!

It’s time for me to make a little wrap-up of 2013. Unfortunately, I’ve been some times less active on the blogging side. Time is always getting scarcer and I had some times to delay some posts (sorry about that!). Here are some highlights of 2013 for me.

  • DLD conference: I was – to my big surprise – invited to this prestigious conference (known as the “World Economic Forum” for tech) and it was amazing. I’ve met prominent guys from over the world. I was really impressed!
  • my startup, Coteries, was selected for Venture Night @ Lift Conference early February. It was a frightening (to be on stage in front of 600+ people) but so exciting experience! I’ve learnt a lot. But I also have to recognize afterwards that the timing to pitch Coteries wasn’t that right (we were months ago before launch and couldn’t reveal exactly what we were doing – that’s it when you’re working with celebrities).
  • my participation to Venture Night allowed me to have a television coverage on the TV programme Nouvo in February. Another first time for me!
  • in April, I had the surprise and the honor to be named as one of “top 300 most influential people in Switzerland” by the Swiss economic magazine Bilan. Incredible! IMHO, there are a lot of other people who could also be featured in this list. But as ever, a list is kind of subjective. But I’m proud to be in. And hope to stay among this top 300 (how? I don’t know, I just keep doing what I do!)!
  • in July 2013, it was finally time to launch our first mobile app for and with Swiss pop sensation Bastian Baker. Yes, the currently most prominent Swiss musician. It was an exciting moment to present the app in front of journalists with Bastien (his real first name is with a “e”). I was scared. Even more than for Lift Conference. Journalists were there for Bastien, and not for Sébastien (me). Of course! But we rocked the stage (or at least I had this feeling!). But how not to with such an incredible and funny guy like Bastian Baker?
  • we got some press coverage in major Western Switzerland newspapers (like Le Matin, 20Minutes, Bilan) and got contacted by a Swiss music legend. It was such a great feeling to realize you’re on the right tracks with your startup (or at least that you’re not wrong!).
  • in October, we were the only non-French startup to be selected by Paris-based MaMA Festival (music conference). Another amazing experience!
  • 2013 was a year I’ve been pretty active with journalists. We landed on first page of L’Agefi in September and got an article on prestigious Le Temps in November. And I’ve got some more personal interviews on regional newspapers. I’ve learnt a lot. It would be arrogant to pretend I’m a pro for this, but at least I’ve gathered some experiences that will be extremely useful for the upcoming articles (if any)! Talking to journalists is not as easy at it seems. Story-telling is really important (as for everything)!
  • our little startup signed an amazing, worldwide famous artist. You’ll be able to get more information soon here. Or just follow me on twitter.
  • I’ve traveled a lot more than before. München, London, Berlin, Paris, Dublin. Unfortunately with no time to visit… I was invited to some of the most famous startup events of Europe (London Web Summit, Next Berlin, Dublin Web Summit, NOAH, Pioneers, etc.). Where I had the chance to meet awesome guys like Mark Suster (please find my post here). I hope to be invited this year again (and get an invitation to LeWeb once!).
  • I’ve been interviewed in a regional TV for one of my other passion: ice hockey (I’m managing a small ice hockey club). It was my first real TV interview. Another learning experience.

Of course, I’m forgetting a lot of events that happened during the year. And I don’t speak here about the bad moments. Or failures. Why? Because you keep the good things and not the other ones (you learn from them and try to bounce higher next). It could be topic of other posts, however.

2013 was great. I’ve learnt a lot. If there is just one thing to remember, it’s this opportunity to learn so much in a so quick time. As an entrepreneur, you’re almost never in your comfort zone. Every day you face new challenges or tasks you’ve never had to carry out yourself. It’s rewarding. You’re often not that proud of the results, because you know it could be better. But that’s normal as a startup founder: you always want more! But it’s also important to take a little time to wrap-up the good moments and celebrate them.

I’m happy with what I’ve been able to do last year. But I want more. A lot more. I’m more than hungry. And I try to stay a foolish (as said Steve Jobs).

2014 started well. Let’s see how it will go on. But I keep in mind that Tomorrow May Not Be Better.