How a little Switzerland-based startup is beating Flipboard

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Did you remember the startup sobees, which orginally built a better social desktop aggregator than trend follower Seesmic or Tweetdeck?

sobees was also the first company in the world to launch a Facebook iPad application back in May 2010, with huge buzz.

Gathering all their worldclass social media knowledge (how many players can show 4 years experience in building cutting edge social media applications in Europe?) and strong aNewsMixbility to deliver, they’re now back to the hot space with their latest version of social magazine NewsMix. The application (available on iPhone, iPad, Facebook and web) lets you easily gather news from real people via their Twitter and Facebook account… Great advantage is that you don’t have to follow or like (you’re even don’t need a Twitter/Facebook account!) specific people to get their news: you just subscribe to news channels (or newslists!), brought together by real people from real people.

NewsMix is making a huge step forward (and what no one of the so well-funded Silicon Valley hot companies have done (or thought of?)) by adding the skyrocketing and famous online pinboard as a source: Pinterest.

According to news agency TNW:

The new feature is yet another way in which NewsMix has beat Flipboard to the punch. First, NewsMix brought its service to a web-based audience and to a Facebook audience, both moves Flipboard has yet to do. In fact, Swiss startup Sobees seems to be doing everything it can to distance itself from the Flipboard label, and is doing a pretty good job of it. Pinterest integration brings NewsMix a hattrick of features that really makes the service stand out from the crowd.

Well… Switzerland is home of such a brilliant company, able to compete with hugely funded Flipboard ($60mios), with no VC funding…which brings to the “tough” investor question: Where are european Venture Capital guys? What do they wait for ;-)?

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