HOW TO win over your co-workers

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I’ve read an interesting and funny printed article sometimes ago about how to win over your co-workers (unfortunately, I’ve not found who has written this). Here is what was in this excellent piece (I’ve not credit for this!):

  1. Make sure your desk is as messy as possible (others will read it as a sign of productivity)
  2. Always send emails at random times (22:45, 07:00) and on important public holidays
  3. Nothing good ever came from hitting “reply all”
  4. Sighing loudly and often can be used as a way to express just how much work you have
  5. The printer will work both faster and better if you yell at it
  6. Use as much jargon as possible. Phrases like “think outside of the box” and text speak can be an exceptionally effective way to communicate: at the end of the day it all boils down to hitting the ground running. We are really going to have it push the envelope on this one. c u 18r
  7. If it’s really funny, it’s probably harassment
  8. Think before hitting printing (and sleeping with co-workers)

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