NEXT top 100 digital influencers – time to vote!

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Last year, I had the chance to be invited to NEXT Berlin 2012 (I’ve posted about it). I’ll attend again in 2013… What a lucky guy I am! Berlin is one of the top startup hub in Europe (the only real rival is London I think) and beeing there is an opportunity to meet prominent actors of the European startup scene.

As you maybe remember, Next Berlin is looking for the NEXT 100 top influencers of the digital industry in 2013. As not many Swiss people were nominated (you can nominate who ever you want: the crowd decides! If you happen to suggest a Swiss entrepreneur or investor, please add him in the comments below!), Marina asked me to suggest people who are major actors of the Swiss (and European) tech scene.


Here are the entrepreneurs I’ve nominated:

  • Mehdi Aminian, founder of SublimeVideo
  • Arnaud Bertrand, founder of HouseTrip
  • Adrian Locher, founder of DeinDeal
  • Dominik Grolimund, founder of Silp (and previously Wuala)
  • Samuel Mueller, founder of Scandit

And I also wanted to nominate one investor who deserve it:

Some Swiss entrepreneurs and investors were already nominated:

  • Marc P. Bernegger, serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner at Next Generation Finance
  • Xavier Bertschy, founder of Skeeble
  • Christophe Maire, serial entrepreneur in Berlin (currently txtr), business angel
  • Myke Näf, founder of Doodle and Partner at Zeeder

And a German investor based in Switzerland: Klaus Hommels, entrepreneur and Managing Partner of Lakestar.

What I ask YOU: go on NEXT 100 website and vote for who you’d like to see nominated! Or vote for ALL of the guys mentioned before!

Ah… by the way, I’m also nominated… please vote for me;-)!

And please hurry up (and spread the message!), voting ends around 20th of February!

Update: if you’d like to attend this wonderful event (so good vibes there!), I have special 10% discount for you… register to NEXT Berlin 2013 now!